Thursday, October 11, 2007

Local Haunted Places

Troutman - Shinville graveyard - there is supposedly a witch buried in this graveyard. there have been numerous sightings of a woman standing among the tombstones and if you stop the car she will look toward you and then vanish.

Mt. Pleasant - Piney Grove AME Zion church (now closed) in Mt. Pleasant is said to be haunted by the habitants of the graveyard.

Blowing Rock- A room on the third floor of the Green Park Inn Hotel is haunted by a woman who died there years ago. She has been spotted walking on the third floor.

Brown Mountain- near Grandfather Mountain- The Brown mountain lights appear along the ridge of the mountain- moving quickly. When you try to get up the mountain to see them closer- they disappear. No-one knows the cause of these lights. Some say it is the spirit of Ancient Cherokee Indians. Others say it is a slave guiding passengers on the underground railway to safe grounds. Either way, it’s still creepy!

Charlotte - Founder’s college in Charlotte is said to be haunted by the girl whose corpse was sold to the medical department.

Charlotte - Queen’s college in Charlotte has a number of haunted places. People have experienced cold spots all over campus & some have even seen apparitions.

Concord - Sally’s Bridge - located off Poplar Tent Road in Concord is said to be haunted by a young girl who was driving the bridge one night in the rain with her baby. She ran off the bridge. After the wreck she searched for her child everywhere. She never found her & they both eventually died. It is said that when it is raining, you can stop on the bridge & a girl will beg you to help look for her child, even try to open your car door, before disappearing.

Hickory- Alice M. Raeford Memorial Center- It is said that doorways disappear after you pass through them in this building. There have been sightings of shadows and mists. Some hear whispers. One person even reported being pushed by an unseen hand.

Lenoir - Chapel of Rest - It is said that the pastor of this church became very distraught by his wife cheating on him. He committed suicide. Some have heard footsteps. Others have seen the pastor swinging at night. It is said that you can find a bible on the podium that tells you when, where, & how you will die!

Morganton - Broughton Hospital - Ghosts have been spotted late hours when all patients are in the bed. Some have heard screams from parts of the hospital that are closed down.

Mt. Pleasant- Henkelite Cemetery- This is a cemetery for confederate soldiers. It is said that at night time you can hear gun shots, and actions of the civil war.

Compiled by Ashley Shaw


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live about 20 mins from the chapel of rest and have had some freaky stuff happen to me and my friends tell alot of storys...i know that im too scared myself to go to the podium but that place is really haunted...i myself went in there with two other friends and i shut the door to the place myself and as we were looking at the bloodstains on the floor i heard a noise the door opened by itself and slammed shut..there was no wind what so ever..nor a draft...but it told us to we did and on the way out we heard weird noises we couldnt explain i just know i about peed my pants 8 )

April 27, 2008 at 11:10 PM  

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